I learnt this secret a long time ago and it
has popped up in lots of different parts of
my life Ė not just dating.

The secret is why some people actually meet
a mistress and other donít.

Itís the simple reason why an overweight balding
guy can meet a dominant woman, when my 6 foot
handsome muscular friend could not !

It is the number one reason for my success.

Can you guess what it is ?

Canít guess, well Iíll tell you


Iíll say it 3 times because it is so important.


Because unless you are really lucky you will
not get a response to the first few messages
you send out.

BUT instead of feeling bad about it, just
remember that you are one woman closer to
finding your ultimate partner !

And guess what?

Being rejected online is loads easier to take
then being rejected face to face !

Of the 100+ messages I initially sent out
years ago before I learnt the stuff Iíve
taught you Ė I was rejected 99% of the time.

BUT I kept going until I learnt what worked
and now Iím getting replies to my message
over 25% of the time.

Iíve taught you most of my major secrets
so you wonít have to experience my early
rejection rate - So you have no excuse !

If you put aside 30 minutes a day to send
interesting unique messages to women (using
the techniques Iíve taught you), pretty soon
youíll be chatting with more than one dominant woman.

In fact at one point I was chatting with
11 different dominant women at the same time,
and let me tell you it felt great to have a choice !

So get started today, log into the dating sites
at the link below and start sending out messages -


Talk to you again tomorrow,

Leon Smith

PS Ė As a friend, I feel I should remind you that
you have got to keep sending out messages to the
dominant women you are interested in otherwise you
will have no chance of actually meeting one of them.

And remember, the secret is PERSISTENCE.

So if at first you donít succeed, try again.

You may feel bad for a minute if someone does
not reply to your message, but believe me you will
feel bad for a life time if you donít take the
chance and miss out on meeting your perfect partner.

So get start right now Ė yes right now !