Ready to learn how to write interesting
messages that women will actually reply to?

Well lets get started !

Now I was going to try and send you the
step by step process via email but it
was just easier to explain on a web page
where I could use proper formatting.

So use the following link to find out
how to write an awesome message:


BUT {!firstname_fix}, this information is not worth
anything unless you put it into practice.

Personally I spent a couple of days sending
out practice messages to women I was not really
interested in, until I got the hang of it.

Then I started sending messages to women I was
actually interested in.

As a rule of thumb, once you can get one reply
for every five messages you send out, you are
ready to send messages to women you’re really
interested in.

So log into the dating sites and start practicing:


Talk to you again tomorrow,

Leon Smith

PS – You might want to try contacting women who
live further than 300km away from you.

If you can get them to answer your messages, then
you are ready to send messages to women you really
are interested in.

So try sending out messages today and see how well
you do. You can log in to the dating sites from: