Welcome back,

Ok, so in the last email we chatted about the
importance of sending an interesting message
to a woman.

Years ago when I first figured this out I
felt really proud of myself, and started
sending out stacks of awesome interesting messages.

And yes I got responses some back, but not
nearly as many as I thought I’d get.

This was a problem and I wasted a few weeks
trying to figure out what was going wrong.

I stumbled onto the cause when I read one
of the responses to a message I’d send out.

In short it said something like “I really
liked your message but can you tell me more
about yourself, I checked your profile and
it was pretty empty”

Doh !

I went back and checked my membership stats.

I found that loads of women were reading my
messages and then reading my profile and then
... well I lost them after they read my crappy profile.

Ouch !

Ok – so I went back and re-did my profile until
it was what I thought was perfect ... it told my
whole life story for gods sake.

It did not help.

Hmmm ... at that point I decided I better do some
research and figure out how to get the profile working
or I’d never meet anyone !

After a few days of research I realized something.

If you think of dating sites in terms of picking
up a woman:
  - Your message is your opening pickup line to
    get her interest
  - Your profile is what you then tell her to get
    her phone number

So who tells their life story to women on a pickup?
Only a loser !

Ok so my profile (which at that point told my life’s
story and was pretty boring) was that of a loser,
no wonder women did not like it.

So how do you make your profile intriguing enough
that you’ll get women to reply to your messages
(and the odd woman to contact you directly) ?

Well lets go over it by each component of a profile -

**Headline - The summary women see when browsing
             men's profiles

**Photos - A good photo can increase your
           responses by 400%

**Profile - A good profile will have women intrigued
            enough to want to get to know you better !


Your headline is the first thing a woman sees,
and it will dictate the sort of woman who will
click on your profile to get to know more about you.

In essence if you want a fun, humorous woman,
than your headline should be funny & quirky.

If you want a philosophical woman, make your
headline serious and though provoking.

The most important thing though is it

If it is the same as every other headline put
up by men, then who would be curious enough to
want to get to know more about you?

Some examples
  Men make great pets! They pay for dinner, too!
  Looking for my Goddess
  Stallion needs a Keeper


Lets be honest here .. looks are one of the
first thing many women look for.

So you MUST have a good picture available of you.


The best way to write a profile is to imagine
yourself meeting someone new for the first time
in a casual setting - a bar, a coffee shop,
or at a friend's party.

Think about the kind of things you would tell
about yourself to this person - your dating
profile is the same idea extended over the Internet.

As a rule of thumb try to be brief but intriguing,
so about 200 to 300 words is good.

Just remember when writing your profile, that
a dominant woman will want to know about you
the person as well as you the submissive.

So you need to give them a general idea of the
type of great person you are, as well as an idea
of what activities you're looking for.

For example if a woman sees five different
guys who would enjoy being spanked by her,
the women will go with the person who’s also
seems like a great guy because of his profile !

Ok here is where most people ask,
how do you write a profile ?

One simple method I got from a friend (who makes
a living writing profiles for people) is -

[1] Develop a long Draft with all 8 basic components
    of a profile (see below)

[2] Take out parts that do not add to the overall
    quality of the profile and keep polishing it
    until it is GREAT.

8 Basic Components of Profile

** Part 1 - Who I am **
Here you will need to give in your profile
one major trait that describes you the best.

Example – Shy, Sweet and Sarcastic

** Part 2 - What I am **
This is where you usually briefly describe
your profession and a few traits about your
profession that makes you stand out.

Be brief, of course- you don't want to go on
and on about selling shoes, delivering the mail,
or designing and fabricating cars, for that matter.

** Part 3 - What I do **
This part describes how do you spend most of your
time, or the time that you think is important
for mentioning here.

** Part 4 - My interests **
Here is where you write what makes you unique.

Try to be as specific as you can without
being crude !

Also it is easy to write something that
cliche but try not to be.

** Part 5 - Who is she **
This is the part where you describe the
person whom you would like to meet.

Concentrate on the traits you want your partner
to have and what you want to see in her.

** Part 6 - What she looks like **
This is where you describe the physical
characteristics of the woman you want
(e.g. do you like fit ladies or big ladies etc)

** Part 7 - What are her interests **
This is where you describe any interests a
woman you are looking for must have.
(or would be nice if they had it)

** Part 8 - Relationships Level You Want **
This is where you state the type of relationship
you are looking for. For example are you looking
for fun short term fun or a long term relationship etc


So what should you do now?

Well it’s obvious - go into the dating sites
and update your profile – use the link below:


Tomorrow I’ll be showing you how to put together
an awesome messages to send to women, so make
sure your profile is ready by then!

So until tomorrow,

Leon Smith

PS – Oops forgot to mention this tip.

One shortcut is to try looking at other men’s
profiles and steal what looks good.

For example - if you’re stuck for a way to nicely
say you’re looking for a short term relationship,
check what others have said !

You can check out other’s profile
at the dating sites at: