With the information I’ve given you so far
you should be able to get in contact and
start a ‘conversation’ with a dominant woman.

You will probably also find there are a lot
of wannabes out these who are also vying for
the attention of dominant women

You are not a wannabe !

Even if you are new to BDSM, the fact that
you’re reading this shows that you’re SERIOUS
about going through and actually trying it.

That puts you one up on a lot of people.

You may not believe it but dominant women have
been stood up by guys who sounded serious when
chatting over the internet – but who chicken
out at the last minute when they are about to meet !

So you need to be different from these wannabes !

Now how do you do that?

Well the two most important things are

  - Be serious about actually meeting
    at some point

  - Be knowledgeable about BDSM and what
    you want to try !

You may have no real experience but that is no
excuse not to at least know a little about BDSM
and what you are looking for.

So here is a quick quiz

  - Do you know what a ‘safe word’ is?

  - Do you know what ‘needle play’ is?

  - Do you know what of the 100+ BDSM activities
    you want to try and which you would never
    want to try?

Ok if you answered no to any of the questions,
then you need to get these answers fast.

In the old days you’d need to order loads of
specialized BDSM books, pay $300+ and wait weeks
for them to arrive ...

BUT now you can find this information instantly
and for free on the internet.

Check out the following page for links to over
$390 worth of information:


It’s really simple if you think about it,
the more you know the better your chances are.

So start learning today and blow you competition
out of the water.

Talk to you again tomorrow,

Leon Smith

PS – I was chatting with a dominant woman
recently who was bitching about some of the
wannabes out there.

She was prepared to teach the person she chose,
but the guys she was talking to had no idea
about even the basics of BDSM or the activities
she enjoyed and wanted them to try.

She eventually chose a guy who was not the sexiest
or the most submissive - but someone who came
across as sane and like he knew the basics.

BTW – that guy have never had a real life bdsm
experience before, but had done his research !

You can start touching up on your BDSM knowledge at: