Years ago when I moved to a new city,
I found it really hard to find a mistress.

Id tried just about everything.

I'd even gone to some BDSM clubs but
most of the dominant women there were
either in relationships or not into the
same kinks as me.

I finally looked around the internet,
but was initially confused by what I found.

There were loads and loads of dating sites
around but hardly any of them were for
people like us.

Most were just a waste of time but a few
were also a huge waste of money !

But after lots of searching I finally found
dating sites that were both:
- Free to Try; and
- Had lots of dominant women as members

Using these dating sites, I was able to
find 32 local dominant women who were
looking for someone like me and another
63 women who were within a two hour drive.

And guess what - I found them all within
a day of joining these dating sites !

The dating sites I used can be found are at:


You WILL need to join each site (for free)
before they let you view ALL local dominant
women who are members of the site though.

Without membership (which is free) you will only
be allowed to view a small number of local women.

So here is a tip to help you quickly join
each of these sites.

As part of the joining process, some of these
dating sites will ask you to write a profile.

A trick I used was to use the SAME profile in
all the dating sites I joined.

This definitely saved me time since I just
wrote it once and then copied and pasted it
into each new dating site when I joined.

Oh .. and dont worry about getting your profile
perfect since well be going into how to improve
them in a few days.

So until tomorrow,

Leon Smith

PS - Oops I forgot to mention something.

The reasons you should join all the dating
sites (for free) is that each site contains dominant
women who are not listed on the other sites !

Check out the dating sites at: