How is your search going?

I know that the biggest mistake I made at this stage
was to just post my profile on the dating sites and
wait for a dominant woman to send me a message.

Guess what, I waited for a week and did not get
a single message.

But heh I thought if I left it for a little longer
someone would definitely send me a message.

So I left it for a little longer,
and then a little longer some more.

By the time I came to my senses, a month had passed
and no one had sent me a message !

Ok so I got desperate enough to text chat with
some women on the dating sites to figure out
where I was going wrong.

And guess what they said ?

I found that MOST dominant women on these dating
sites donít browse profiles, since they expect
you to make the first move !

Oh wow, that was a revelation to me.

In fact I found out that most dominant women receive
enough messages that they usually spend their time
reading and responding to those messages,
and not browsing profiles.

So typically a dominant woman would -

1. Log into the Dating Sites every few days

2. Check the messages they have received

3. If they find an interesting message, they will
    a). Check the man's profile
    b). Write back if they like them

4. Quit the Dating Site and get on with the rest of their day

Well after getting over my shock, I decide to be PROACTIVE.

That was the real turning point for me, when I
started to realize that it takes some actual
SKILL to win with dating sites.

Luckily for you Iím about to give you 2 additional
hard earned tip, so you donít have to go through
the same learning curve I did.

Because I did not get responses to my first message,
or my second message or even my twelfth message.

In fact I did not get results until I realized and
put into practice the following 2 things -


You need to send out messages that are interesting
enough that the women receiving them wanted to
learn more about you.

Some women will write back to you straight away to
learn more, while others will first check out your
profile, so the second tip is ...


Have a profile which is intriguing enough that they
will want to get to know you better and so will
respond to your message !

Next Steps

So what do you do now?

NOTHING Ė Just think about what Iíve said.

Over the next 2 days Iíll be sending you information
to help you improve your profile and learn how to
send great interesting messages.

You should really wait until learn these thing
before you start contacting women.

So until tomorrow,

Leon Smith

PS - Ok if you really can not wait, you can use
the link below to log into the dating sites and
start sending messages.

BUT please take my advice and only send a few
messages and none to women you really really want.

In fact, treat it as practice until you can write
that all important first message to the women you
really want to meet.