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I've been a long time lover of dominant women and have spent a good portion of the last 10 years enjoying their company as both friends and lovers.

When I recently moved city (for work), I tried using the internet to find a new lady friend (and have some online fun) ... but I got fed up with the lack of real information on mistress resources.


So I started doing my own research.

With my skills I thought it would be easy (I get paid a 6 figure salary to research and develop complex computer systems) ... but it still took me over 6 months and $3000 of my own money before I worked out the best way to find and meet local dominant women.

I've decided to share this information with everyone. I hope you find it informative ... and have fun with it.

PS: I'm always interested in people's opinions of my site ... so if you've got some feedback, send it to me by clicking here.

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