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"Real Stories From People Using Our Advice To Find And Meet A Mistress"

We're proud of each and every person who learns has taken our advice to heart and been able to find and meet a local mistress.  It truly touches our heart.

Please take the time to read some of the success stories below, I know you will enjoy them!

Jerry & Lucy

Founders - Mistress Contact Secrets

“I Found An Experienced Dominatrix!"

I’ve always had a fantasy about being submissive to a beautiful dominant woman. But I don’t exactly live in a place where they’re banging down my door! I thought I’d never get to live out my dream - until I found your site. I couldn’t sign up for the dating site and your contact course fast enough! And sure enough, I found an experienced dominatrix who walked me through my fantasy! I felt like I’d die of happiness!


Ron C., Marmora, NJ


“I Have A Mistress Who Spanks Me

All Night Long!"


I like being spanked. Yeah, I said it. Do you know how hard it is to get women to spank you like they mean it? I’d tried tons of times with girls I’d dated, but they either weren’t into it or they thought I was downright kinky and didn’t want to see me again. Now that I read your contact course and joined the dating site, I can keep a “regular” girlfriend - because I have a mistress now who spanks me all night long!


Jeremy G., Philadelphia, PA


“My New Mistress Loves Feminizing Me!”


I once had a girlfriend who caught me trying on her underwear. What was worse than being caught is when I tried to explain to her about crossdressing! I knew I’d have to go elsewhere for my fetish - which is why I was SO RELIEVED to find your Mistress Contact Course. My new mistress loves feminizing me, and even brings frilly little things she’s bought thinking of me! I love feeling like a submissive little girl!


Shawn T., Madison, WI


“I Jumped At The Chance To Join The Dating Site"


Tie me up, tie me down, that’s my motto. But most women won’t use anything racier than a necktie or scarf around the wrists, for a few minutes with me. I’ve always dreamed of what it would feel like to be truly restrained - hot! I knew I needed a real mistress to make my dream come true - which is why I jumped on the chance to the dating site you recommended. Within a week I was tied up like a Thanksgiving turkey - and I loved every minute of it!


Rich G., Houston, TX


“I Finally Feel Like A Real Man!"


I always thought that wanting a woman to use a strap-on with me was some kind of sick fantasy. The one time I mentioned it to a buddy who I thought was open-minded, he never even talked to me again except to call me a fag. But I did the research, and it is a completely normal urge. Although I still didn’t know where I’d find a woman who would be into pegging me - let alone how to bring it up with her! Luckily, I found your course and the dating site you talked about. I could search in privacy, and sure enough I found an experienced mistress who not only knew what I wanted, but was glad to oblige my most exciting fantasy. I finally feel like a real man!


Howard L., Washington, DC


“Once I Found The Dating Site I Knew I’d Hit The Jackpot!”


I’m a ladies’ man. But I was getting bored with all the vanilla sex I was having. I wanted to kink it up a notch, if you know what I mean! I’d try to introduce something even a little bit new with a girl, and she’d freak. I thought I’d have to pay for kinky sex, but once I found your contact course I knew I’d hit the jackpot. Now I’m seeing a dominant woman who is into all my kinks - and we have a blast!


Florian B., Albuquerque, NM


“This Is The Best Site Ever!”


This is the best site ever! I found a dominatrix who lives just one town over from me, and she has all her own equipment - which means my nosey girlfriend won’t ever know I like being peed on! I’m loving it!


David M., Bristol, UK


“I’ve Never Been Happier!”


Feet, feet, lovely feet - my foot fetish had almost consumed me because I could not find an outlet for it. Thank heavens for the dating site you recommend - one search yielded several lovely ladies in my area who didn’t mind a little foot worship in the least! I’ve been seeing a wonderful woman with a penchant for sensual foot massages, and I’ve never been happier!


Joe S., Leeds, UK


“I Have A Mistress Close By Who Is Discreet As I Am!"


A married man in a small town doesn’t have much opportunity for a mistress. I thought I’d have to pay my way down in Montreal, but that just seemed a little to risky for me. I wanted a mistress close by who could be as discreet as I was. I appreciated the anonymity I had while finding a mistress I could trust through the site. My wife has no idea that I’ve been having an affair for six months now - and thanks to my mistress, she never will!


William H., town withheld, Quebec


“We Knew The Dating Site Was Right For Us!”


Our story might seem a bit different - my wife not only has no problem with my having a mistress, she wants to share in the fun as well! So you can understand that we needed to be absolutely sure we chose someone who could handle threesomes. That’s why we knew the dating site was right for us - it instantly gave us a list of profiles that were all mistresses who accepted couples! We’ve been talking to a lovely woman for a while now, and we’re meeting this weekend!


Aaron S., Glossodia, AU



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