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Welcome to Contact Secrets, 

I became sick and tired of the lack of REAL advice and information in the 'dating' scene.  Everyone seemed to have an agenda or was trying to sell you something !

So I put this site together.

I found the real experts in different areas (the people who have actually had results) and begged, pleaded and finally got them to agree to GIVE AWAY THEIR SECRETS !

Mistress Contact Secrets - Jerry and his Lady Lucy give you the real facts on how men can find and meet a local dominant women (mistress). While I had to really beg for this information, I'm not sure if it was because they were reluctant or if they just enjoyed the begging <laughs>! Anyway some of the advice seems like a simple commonsense (but I bet you aren't doing it now) while others will shock you.

Shemale Contact Secrets - You would not believe how hard it was to get Leon to agree to share his secrets.  While I know many guys dream about trying it with the third gender, most find it ridiculously hard to find and meet them.  Leon on the other hand travels for his work, and has been able to meet them in EVERY SINGLE PLACE he has visited for more than 2 days. I finally had to get his TS girlfriend to pressure him to agree - and that's only because she was sick of how 99% of guys blow their chances with what they don't know about contacting transexuals ... and were actually offensive without meaning to !


More About Contact Secrets

When my last lover moved city, I tried using the internet to find a new 'lady' friend (and have some online fun) ... but I got fed up with the lack of real information or resources.

So I started doing my own research.

With my skills I thought it would be easy (I get paid a 6 figure salary to research and develop complex computer systems) ... but it still took me over 6 months and $3000 of my own money before I worked it out.

The secret was simple.

Instead of paying sites or so called 'gurus' for their so-called secret formula to successful contacts ... I started looking for real people who had actually been successful.

People who had 10+ years of experience on what works, what doesn't and what you really need to do to find and meet the partner you wanted.

I finally found them - and boy did it make a real difference.  Their honest advice helped me where all the so-called gurus had failed !

I could have left it at that but .....

With the amount of false information and scams I found online, I decided to put this site together to help others find navigate the treacherous waters of the internet to find their perfect partner .. either for short term fun or a long term relationship.

I got some of those 'expert' to agree to put their secrets online - and even better its all free.

One last thing - one of my pet hates when I was looking around the internet was the number of times I had to pay before I could even see inside the site to see if the information or service was any good!

So I've made the commitment that all the methods I got the experts to talk about will be free to try - while still being easy and effective ! 

I hope you find this information informative ... and have fun with it.

2004 Contact Secrets - Helping you find the perfect partner